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Business Planning

After studying business in college and owning several small businesses at Tahoe (both successful and otherwise!) I found that I enjoy helping others organize and manage their small businesses. My business consulting style is to work with the owner's strengths, build a team to delegate peripheral tasks and build the plan into a binder which is easy to work with and update. If you would like to see if consulting would fit your particular business need, contact me.

Many small business have no formal plan, and if they do it is only to meet a bank's loan requirement. They often make projections that are purely speculative and are of little real use to the owner. I think business plans should be a blueprint to help owners identify and then actually accomplish their goals.

Effective plans focus on goals, what needs to be done, who is best equipped to do it and what additional training or resources are needed. When the owners are working at their most important contribution to the firm, the right things get done and the goals are met. This approach is simple and yet it works for many small businesses without a lot of headaches or expense.

The Basics

Business plans are divided into sections that help the owner focus on each area of the business. Areas are examined as to goals, resources, obstacles, and benefits. Then an action list is drawn up linking the best person to each task. A typical plan might include the following sections:

Purpose of the Plan

Goals of the Business

Action Items

Management Team



Job Descriptions






Exit Strategy

The Role of the Consultant

The function of the consultant is to structure the planning processes, work with the owner to set aside the time to examine the business, aside from the running of the business, and to insure that the plan produces the changes that meet the owner's goals. Small business owners are often too busy running their business to go through all the necessary steps on there own. The consultant makes the process happen. A consultant and a plan are often the necessary, though short-term, catalysts that allow a business to improve.

Business Plan Clients

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Pat Baginski
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Joe Winters
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Rodney Sency
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tahoe Region Advocates for Cycling
Tom Wendell
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Mission Adjusters
Paul Camacho
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Carlton-Kirkegaard Frames
Chris Kirkegaard
Santa Barbara, CA

Noah Lamport, Inc.
Roger Small
Los Angeles, CA

Advanced Programming Institute
El Dorado Hills, CA