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Photovoltaic and alternative energy

This is another area I have been interested in for some time. When we built our house at Tahoe, we used plans for a passive solar home, but changed to a well-insullated conventional home during construction because of construction and contractor reasons. We did add a solar water heater a few years later that has been saving us money on hot water for years. In the 80's when solar credits still existed, I owned a solar hot water company. I would love to work on getting solar into the mainstream of home construction, on government buildings, and even adding photovoltaic to my house if tax credits were available at Tahoe (currently they are not) and if I could justify the long payback of the investment. Of course solar works well on RV's (see picture).

Here are some links to alternative energy sources:

Million Solar Roof Initiative

To join a local or national solar energy assosiation visit:

The American Solar Energy Association

Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group in Carson City, NV