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Michael Peter Blatt

"He came... he saw... he almost made a difference..."

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These are some of the people that were a part of Michael's life: Please help this web site be accurate by sending in corrections, additions, or comments.

Ann Blatt - his mother.

Abraham Blatt - his father

Leila Marcia Blatt - his sister

Michelle Lee

Ceryse Livermore.

Memorial exerpts - here are a few from London ....

Text: Ann Finer (London)
Michael was a very complex character. He was an enigma, unorthodox, a maverick, and a master of paradox... He delighted in coming out with the unexpected, even irrelevant, but there was a streak of sense in what he said... He was a very sensitive person, who cared about the environment and about people... He translated his compassion into action... I shall always remember Michael and be grateful for his ineffable gift.

Shirley Malin (London)
Michael was a man of considerable talent... an artist in his music-making... a singer and music-maker... I never saw Michael so much at ease as when he was singing, of course accompanying himself on his beloved guitar which, when he played, seemed to become an extended part of him. At these times, he seemed transported out of himself onto another level and he was able to take us with him... Michael was a man of spiritual aspiration and insight... In remembering him, it will always be with compassion for his suffering... warmth and affection.

Will Hopper (London)
Michael was a performer in all aspects of his life but the persona he presented to the outside world was...simply a dramatisation of his inner life... My abiding memories of Michael are his genuine concern for other people's spiritual well-being... his sense of fun. For me he will always be present in the Chapel, sitting at the back with his stick and occasionally with his guitar...

Audrey Nash (London)
Michael made me laugh, he had extraordinary wit. He was a sensitive and caring man. He saw a hostile world out there and cared deeply for our survival and the planet's survival... Michael gave me a great gift which has deeply touched my life - he will continue to influence my life in ways I have yet to see manifest... He touched us all and will live on in our memories. I will always miss Michael - he was part of my life and no-one will take his place. Live on Michael, through all our warm memories of how you touched our lives, through your music, through the gifts you gave us. You really did make a difference.

Rev. Frederick Lipp (Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, London 24 January 2000)
We might wonder what Michael would say to us in such an hour in this room where he sang and played the guitar, where he challenged others to think and be surprised by insight, where he both sought help and shared his compassion. First, I believe Michael would chuckle, his eyes flash mischievously, and with a slight of hand toward his guitar say: "What would you like me to say, except to remind you whatever I did or didn't do, this is your inner work...not mine. I am at rest. My pain is over, my gifts whatever you understand them to be are yours to do with them what you wish. By the way did you ever return the book I loaned you. Keep it. I hope you're not upset with me. Would you like me to play something..." Let us sing, Universal Spirit, a song Michael most loved and was practicing on his guitar and memorizing to add to his wide repertoire.

Sean Mahaffey (London)

Jan Hogan

Alex Angelo

Jeff Miner

Hilary & Jonathan Raymond - cousins

(This is a partial list. Please e-mail your name and a short tribute or rememberance if you are lucky enough to be counted as one of Michael's friends)