Save the Humans

Michael Peter Blatt

"He came... he saw... he almost made a difference..."

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according to Michael.

(Thank you, Audrey, for sorting, finding and typing these Michael Thoughts.)

· Only one life that's soon to pass - Only what's done with LOVE will LAST

· The way to change the world is by SERVICE! We are great and powerful spiritual beings - we change the world one person at a time through our relationships

· Live your life with honor, dignity, hope and courage because it is short and temporary · Never underestimate the power of a good story to heal and the story of two native americans with their TV - the medicine man said "It (TV) has so many stories but it doesn't know us. PS - We ALL have our own stories, they NEED to be told - why accept the 'story' of some politician or 'special interest' advertiser …

· If you are in a bad situation you cannot change, then change yourself Reverence - Awe - The Sacred Savour each precious drop

· Love everything and re-lax, rel-ax, rela-x, r-e-l-a-x Finally the miracles are all around, all the time, so relax There are NO coincidences, how could there be?

· Access the source….! Continually, continually The source is joy - it will bring everything Joy = Consciousness = Gratitude = Love Consciousness of Love … Continually

· We are super-survivors - Where is a person's REALness - Who are we living for? Self-full-ness;Self-love;Self-truth;Self-worth;Self-care;Self-love=Self acceptance Trust = Abundance and Love Committing to a partnership from the heart - Connect to the Source

· You are the love of God's life - You are all his One Creation, You are in his Eternity and that will never change

· Our presence alone will change others (without words)

· Humans can rise EVEN higher than angels

· Hell is when a human bars himself from developing

· 'Modern Science' often does not honor the 'wonder' of everything

· When you write or sing, you have to like it better than being loved

· Fight the dress code and fight for your right to BARE arms - the American Short Sleeve Association!

· We seek out life's problems for their gifts

· The little things and little events of life are not so little

· Culture should create Perfection Education should create Character Knowledge should create Love

· I thank God for the blessing of change in my life

· America has the best legislation money can buy!

· 'De-Nile' is not just a river in Egypt

· You can lead a fool to water but you can't make him drink …

· Richard said SING

· Living today as if we might be dead tomorrow

· Hell is separation from doing what is right

· Light candles instead of being overcome by the dark

· To love God is the same as loving Truth

· Particular full moons are very convenient for the changing of concepts

· The face of God smiling - (on the back of the card a DOLPHIN smiling)

· Feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY

· To Live is to Hope-To Hope is to Feel-To Feel is to Know-To Know is to Laugh

· We are all fallen angels

· Just relax - have faith - be GoOD

· Through the things we create, we know the Creator

· Rebel without a clue

· An addiction is quite simply running from God

· Be Invulnerable

· How do you live your life? Quality NOT Quantity

· Eternity - SEE EVERYTHING as RELATIVE in the ETERNAL - Keep perspective - face my own death every day - stay patient - don't forget to love

· We only act according to what we believe at the time …

· Each of us is a divine work in progress

· We DO what we BELIEVE

· Our physicality can be an expression of light in the NOW

· Birth is a miracle - Death is the last adventure - Do unto others …. Life is a great mystical journey

· Energy doesn't come from food but from thoughts

· Love your enemies (it will drive them crazy)

· Eat 'consciously', bless each morsel

· Breathing always places us in the moment

· Participate in the divine love affair with God

· There's more to vision than meets the eye

· The best way to quit smoking is not to tell anyone - do it secretly - This way you keep your willpower for yourself

· If the boat misses the harbour, it's not the harbour's fault

· Commit as many acts of random goodness as you can every day

· Gambling is the ultimate selfishness, so is Depression

· You know you are getting old when you look better upside down - maybe we'll meet a bat!



· Apples
· Handful of raw pumpkin seeds (daily without fail)
· Saw Palmetto (daily)
· Herb drops (prostate specific)
· Extra vitamins E & C (elasticity of arteries - protection for heart - anti oxident)
· Blueberries (fresh or frozen) 3 times weekly for cleaning out blood vessels
· Lecithin - liquid or granules
· Green salad - broccoli - brussel sprouts (anti-tumour)

You can relax now - come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now for God is with you
Who/What do you think you really are?
You are a child of God and that will never change

You had a dream - you thought you were separate
Now you hear an inner voice saying we really are all one
And that will never change

You can relax now - come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now for God is with you
And that will never change

You are the love of God's life
You are all his creation
You and I live in his eternity
And that will never change
We are all one
And that will never change

You can relax now - come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now for God is with you
Oh my sweet, sweet child - What do you think you are?
You are a child of God and that will never change

You had a dream - you misunderstood
You thought you were separate
But now you hear a voice saying

You can relax now - come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now for God is with you
That will never change

You are the love of God's life
You are all his one creation
You are in his eternity and that will never change

Personal Ad

Poor, neurotic, middle-aged, overweight, balding European man with strong artistic tendencies looking for American/European or Asian, no strike that - 'exquisite' woman with tons of money, no strike that - 'without pretensions'. Please call Michael, no strike that - 'Peter' at midnight 541-0212 (or any other time)
No bodily fluids
Dear mother, please don't answer this ad

Interview with Commander Zilch:

Q - Sir please introduce yourself
A - My name is Commander Zilch, I am 43 years old (earth time) and I am a non-practicing heterosexual
Q - Why this particular definition? It's like being a non-practising virgin!
A - It is my palliative to the media
Q - Why the name Zilch
A - That name defines itself
Q - Where were you born?
A - That is unanswerable
Q - Because?
A - Because we humans always forget that we live infinitely
Q - What do you mean?
A - We are never born and therefore never die
Q - Could you be more precise?
A - I am being precise …
Q - Commander Zilch, the authorities seem very nervous about your activities - why?
A - Because authorities are by their very nature nervous & suspicious
Q - Why?
A - Because in essence they know nothing of importance
Q - What does that mean?
A - It means that they are totally ignorant
Q - Of what?
A - Of everything that is really important
Q - Such as?
A - Humility
Q - Sir, you are confusing me
A - That is because you are not humble
Q - What do you mean exactly by humble
A - I mean the capacity to realise that we must act selflessly in our present predicament
Q - What is our present predicament?
A - Life
Q - Life?
A - Yes
Q - Sir, what do you consider life to be?
A - Life is the existence in a physical body for a period of time; of our soul ….
Q - Sir, couldn't we talk about practicalities?
A - That is practical, very


I came into your life and I taught you more than you will ever know
Nothing here? Everything is here, silly goose!
You will transform for it is my will that you do so!
Resistance is useless, what and see
You think you know me, you never saw me
You have never had a greater teacher or a worse father
For you I cleared the path
We are all one (won)
Thank you for your kindness and your temper

Thank you for my abode
for my friends who remain loyal
for the weather which remains friendly
for the food that sustains me
for the Clintons
for people
for appreciating myself

In my right eye is the evening of my life
In the other, daylight dances
Shines and laughs
Shines and cries

In a far off land
With a gun in his hand
He died in a war
He did not understand

Direct road to the Hamlet of Contentment
Cross the stile of self denial
Thence on the path of temperance
Over the hill of benevolence
Along the stream of purity
and down the vale of kindness
Just beyond the rock of resignation
The hamlet comes in view
Traveller onward with God

Floating leaves and flowers
Lazy algae
Quick reflections
Passing over the bridge
I feel so easy
A dragonfly's breeze

When you're lonely, I wish you love
When you're down, I wish you peace
When things are complicated, I wish you simple beauty
When things are chaotic, I wish you inner silence
When things look empty, I wish you hope
Eternal hope

I met my snow goose before the storm
She fluttered her wings most prettily
We flew south for a while seeking happiness
I met my snow goose before the storm
Unknowing, uncaring she fluttered her pretty wings
Now the storm is over
My snow goose is gone
My heart breaks in silent pieces
Oh God, please return my snow goose to me

If you are to be a flower, be one that turns to the sun
If you are to be a stone, be a precious one
If you are to be a bird, be a white dove
If you are to be a human being, be an example of love

In the world's broad field of battle
In the bivouac of life
Be not like dumb, driven cattle
Be a hero in the strife
Trust no future, however pleasant
Let the past bury its dead
Act - act in the living present
Heart within and God overhead

Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime
and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sand of time
Footprints that perhaps another sailing over life - solemn man, a forlorn and
shipwrecked brother seeing shall take heart again

Let us then be up and doing
With a heart for my fate
Still achieving, still pursuing
Learn to labor and to wait

I ask abundance angel respectfully to supply me with
a happy situation, a car, enough money to fly and buy any vitamins and important nutrients; a place where I can be peaceful, quiet, calm and unpolluted by noise,
disturbance, disharmony, pollutants; a place where I can create 'good things'
To have abundance, I need to forgive every day because I have no right to judge.
I need to just be grateful to everyone and everything. I pray that I may allow myself to forgive the hidden (to myself) grievance which is holding me back from abundance, creativity and prosperity. I ask my higher self to respond to this heartfelt plea for freedom and happiness - in God's Name - Jesus