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Michael Peter Blatt

"He came... he saw... he almost made a difference..."

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Oct 22, 2001.

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Michael.... Heidelberg, Germany, 1981

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Michael Peter Blatt
was born in Wiltshire, outside of London, on October 17, 1940 to parents, Ann and Abraham Blatt. Although evacuated during the second world war, he grew up in London together with his younger sister, Leila.

Michael had a difficult childhood and chose at an early age to follow the life of a travelling musician which took him to Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Greece and Germany. He recorded two albums whilst living in Europe and a CD compilation has been put together for his family and friends. (Courtesy of Ceryse Livermore)

From Germany, he went on to America, settling in South Lake Tahoe where he was a resident for 15 years. In 1995, Michael decided to return home to London to care for his ailing mother, Ann after a period of absence of more than 30 years. This took immense courage and the role of carer was to eventually take its toll.

Michael was a passionate being - passionate about his music, his causes, about humanity and our planet - about life. He often elicited strong feelings from others as well as from himself. He loved to write. He loved to sing. He loved to banter and shock and surprise - often this was the only way he could reach others deep into their own beings. He had an uncanny sense of humour and often used it to make himself heard or get a point across. He touched others in many wonderful ways. Those who were able to penetrate Michael's 'bear-like' exterior, were privileged to know someone truly special. He often gave us gifts - usually in the form of a book but quite often these gifts would be intangible - gifts of love, tolerance, understanding.

Michael did not hesitate in making a stand, speaking out on important issues. Often he was misunderstood as being arrogant or abrasive but these were just his own self-defence mechanisms of protection against a hostile world. He was a caring, loving and very spiritual being. He was deep, philosophical a great thinker and writer.

Michael spent his life in search of truth and working with his inner struggles - he was overly sensitive to others and the world around him. During times of depression, his friends and his spirituality kept him going.

Michael was humble and lived frugally. A true artist and a great believer.

The Tree of Life'

Favourite Poem
Favourite Music
Favourite Food
Favourite Number
Favorite Movie:
Favourite Artist:
Favourite Books.
The Three Lessons of Siddhartha
Most respected:
  IF, Rudyard Kipling
Rodrigo Concierto de Aranguez
Reuben, Reuben
John Lennon
'I can think, I can wait, I can fast'
Martin Luther King
books, art, music &
sophisticated camping equipment


'Things I would like to do before I die that would contribute to my feeling of ONENESS' -
Give guitar lessons
Write - short stories and novels
Write my book
Flow with unlimited energy
Love Newt Gingrich
Become a vegetarian
Experience Bliss
Build my Love Dome
When at a Unity meeting, bring more thread - thread of life
Speak my mind to anyone
Grow a garden
Have pets
Give anything - receive anything
Go on a world cruise
Drop my resentment
Forgive my mother
Forgive Newt Gingrich
Grow plants
Sing without inhibition to any audience
Love and accept everyone and everything
Lose all my impatience and judgement
Relax completely


I am love
I am a Lightbearer
I am part of it all - I am a spark of the divine light
I am a writer I am wonderful but don't know it
I need thousands of dollars to go places preferably in another galaxy
I have always lived in a state of fear