Course Syllabus & Description
Winter 2006

Lake Tahoe Community College

1/10/06 - 2/14/06
6:10 pm - 8:00 pm
Room: HS ST7 (High School)

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Instructor: Jeff Miner
541-4660 ext. 509

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Course Description:

This course will cover diverse areas of interest for those students wishing to begin their preparation for retirement. The course does address financial concerns of retirement; however, it also covers other facets of the retirement life from health and fitness issues to the role of family and friends, the development of supplemental income options, effective and productive use of free time, and factors involved in the selection of home-care options and nursing homes. Students will develop a comprehensive plan of action in their preparation for retirement.

Student Outcomes:

The successful student will:
1. Build a personal retirement plan using a three-ring binder
2. Use goals and priorities to create a plan of action
3. Read the text book and participate in class discussions
4. Create a budget during the 6 week class
5. Use the internet and books to research retirement topics
6. Be inspired to continue the plan after the class ends

Required Materials

1 1/2 inch three-ring binder with paper and at least 32 dividers

Required Text:

Get a Life - You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well by Ralph Warner, Published by Nolo Press, 5th edition 2004, ISBN 1-4133-0084-7


The Joy of Not Working, by Ernie J. Zelinski, Published by Ten Speed Press, 2003, ISBN 1-58008-552-0

Weekly Topics & Assignments

Guest Speaker
1/10/06 Intro, Goal Setting, Budgeting    
1/17/06 What will you do? Health and Fitness.   Introduction, Chapters 1,2
Internet research
1/24/06 Family, Friends, Loving Life Elaine Hoem,
Chapters 3, 4, 5
1/31/06 Mentors, Nursing Homes, Needs


Chapters 6,7,8
2/7/06 Money   Chapter 9,10,11
2/14/06 Avoiding Scams,
Class Reports
Chris Campion,
FBI Special Agent
Prepare report

Grading Option: Credit / No Credit

Quarter Units: 1, applicable to the AA Degree

Course Policies:

1. Read the text. The information, ideas and interviews in the Get a Life: You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well, are an important part, perhaps the most important part, of this course. Don't neglect the reading.

2. Create your own plan. Use the three-ring binder to set goals, write down questions, do research, and organize your retirement plan.

3. Attend and Participate. Interacting with others in a classroom environment is an opportunity you seldom get except in a college course. Don't miss this chance to share with and learn from others in the class.

4. Use appropriate tools. Computer tools such as Excel spreadsheets, word processing and access to the Internet allow students to perform research, do calculations, and build their retirement plan quickly. However, paper, pencil and a calculator work just fine for keeping a budget.

5. Guest Lecturers. We are fortunate to have guest lecturers who will bring real life experience and application to the class. Students should always filter the information by how it relates to their personal retirement plan.

6. Interviews. Learn from the interviews in the text book and conduct your own interviews with some successful retirees. You will learn what they have found is important in retirement planning.

7. Continue planning. The plan you build in this class starts the process rather than completes the product. Add to and adjust this plan as your research continues and your life changes.

LTCC Library

The LTCC Library is a quiet and inviting place to conduct research, locate information, study, and read. Located on the second floor of the main college building (Room A201), the Library has access to many useful research tools including millions of online magazine and newspaper articles, 40,000+ books, subscriptions to more than 200 magazines and newspapers, thousands of audiovisual materials, and more. In addition, the Library has several computers with Internet connectivity, a large quiet study area, audiovisual workstations, and a photocopier.
The Library is open Monday through Thursday 8:00AM to 8:00PM, Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM, and Saturday 12:00PM to 4:00PM and all students are welcome to visit the Library and make use of the collections and services. For more information, please call (530) 541-4660 x232 or direct your web browser to

Any students needing accommodations should inform the instructor.
Students with disabilities who may need accommodations for this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) early in the quarter so that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible. Students may contact the DRC by visiting the Center (located in room A205) or by phoning 541-4660, ext. 249 (voice) or 542-1870 (TTY for deaf students). All information will remain confidential.




Team Building

Interview Questions

Credit Card Management

Debt Management

Wise Sayings

Goal Sheet to Retire Debt Free


Real Estate Spreadsheet Calculator

Net Worth Spreadsheet

Mortgage Prepayment Calculator

A loan payoff calculator on the web for those without a money program on their computer.


Tab Sheet

Goal Sheet

Summary Goal Sheet

Summary Action Sheet

Summary Question Sheet

Questions Sheet

Web Links

Yahoo Finance

Ric Edelman

Suze Orman

Bank of America financial tools

Mortgage Professor

Amortization Schedule


The Longevity Game

The Budget Kit

Retirement Countdown

Elder Care Search

How to

AARP Retirement Calculator

Retirement Coach

National Retirement Planning Coalition

Too Young to Retire

Social Security

Request a Soc Sec Statement

Seeing Money Art Exhibit

Young Americans Against Debt

George Fulmore's retirement book reviews on


Ralph Warner Flyer

Ralph Warner Press Release

Ralph Warner Press Release 2

Easier than You Think article

Retirement Books article

Countdown article